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A subject can be  Hypnotically guided into a highly beneficial meditative state which would normally take a year of dedicated practice to attain 


The Palm Beach Hypnosis Institute


The Florida Holistics Institute

222 US Hwy. #1, In Tequesta


H.L. Silvia MCH - Ph.D

An Internationally Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist/Hypnosis Instructor

also available for limited, In home or Institution appointments

Hypnotically Enhanced and Guided:

Meditation- (save years of practice)

Life Coaching- With Hypnotic Reinforcement

Increase your Self Esteem and Confidence

ACT and SAT Test Score Enhancement


Also For:

Athletes,Students,Musicians,Writers,Artists, and Individuals who desire to enhance their:

Click "HERE" For a ( Free?) Relaxation Download


  • In Clinic Methodology consists of

    Hypnotically augmented, Positive Response Conditioning with Brain Wave Response Monitoring, applied to such objectives as:

  • Weight Control

  • Addictions -

  • Athletic performance, - Golf -

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Memory
  • Relaxation
  • Public Speaking
  • Sleep!- Drug and Chemical Free Natural sleep

    .......Consisting of Multiple sessions with Proprietary Reinforcement techniques and self Hypnosis lessons


    • Drug-free PAIN Management-
    • (With the direct oversight or after consultation with a Licensed health Care Professional)

    Time and Experience Regression:(At the direction and oversight of your Licensed Mental Health practitioner to augment their modality)


PBHI Trains and Certifies:

Licensed Medical, Chiropractic Therapeutic and Counseling Professionals and dedicated individuals who wish to Holistically Enhance their Effectiveness, increasing the variety of the modalities available by incorporating Basic and Advanced state of the art Hypnotic Techniques and Technology.

As most professionals are academically qualified,The syllabus, for them is uniquely focused on Live Internship sessions, resulting in a significant reduction in time and expense for certification.

(Ht) and Clinical (CHt) Hypnosis Certification


Advanced Clinical Classes Software implementation modalities


Special Classes: For Licenced LMT & PT practitioners



Software for the Professional Hypnotherapist- "Click Here"


To preview The HT Classroom Training Manual

by: H.L. Silvia MCH Ph.D

         Click on:
ay's Technology and Science

For The Kindle version : Click Here

click here for a UTube informal lecture on Modern Hypnosis




Affiliated Professionals :

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Willingway - The 12 step based Medical Treatment facility Statesboro Georgia

GeorgiaRose Silvia, Ht. Life Coach-Hypnosis Florida Holistics institute

Dr.Sandra Bontemps, Chiropractor-,Ht. PBHI Board Certified Hypnotist North Palm Beach,Fl

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